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ound endlessly ringing vibration, while there are countless whine sounded screamed, black stone in just a moment between began in Here's body mass extinction!Constantly looking to eliminate the black giant monument corpses, Nie Feng staring stood erect, such power, even with the Phoenix offerings alone together, and probably inferior, so that in the end reached a monument to what extent?Black and red flames quickly put everything to ashes, but mbt sandalen kisumu damen at this time, the black giant monument Nie Feng once again turned to a pedestrian, he saw a black giant monument transferred, Nie Feng suddenly the hearts of a tight, really see Over black stone broke, will not have the ability to think Nie Feng row against this monument, degree, far worse, even if it is just a stone rather than repair person MBT Sandalen or beast Wicked.Nie Feng waiting in stone attack, 'Para' extremely crisp sound after a fierce space on the emergence of crack, then a dark shadow, an instant hit on the black stone on top. 'Boom! ! 'Loud sound echoed around, the whole piece of space constantly trembling shock, and was thrown to the black stone did not dare show weakness, black and red flames erupt, stone towards that black shadow on the hit in the past. 'Honghong ...... 'like a giant in the epoch-making in general, and that the black giant monument and suddenly rushed out of the mysterious stuff, crazy in the air hitting, erupted from a wave of terror,' Boom! ! 'Is extremely loud Baoxiang, then black giant monument with the black shadows parted, saw the black stuff, Nie Feng suddenly froze.
Chapter 441 taken the yin Cave, suddenly, Nie Feng discovered that there MBT Schuhe are four wearing Southern clothing maid, is standing outside the cave, a few waiting outside the cave maid saw Nie Feng came out, it quickly approached, and then Nie Feng said: "Nip, you come out." "Here you ...... wait for me? "Saw four women respectful way, Nie Feng really a little difficult, Nie Feng has never been exposed to other people's worship admirers like what people see these maid look, Nie maple pu
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