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like what they have MBT Sandalen Damen to know those who have not received the demon spear Sandoz look.Jade bottle is engraved with runes, that the soul has been compressed into a gray-black regiment fist big beads, without any hesitation, Shouyi Zhao Yan Emperor, that was wrapped in red beads curtain was incorporated into the Within the bottle, and instantly, within a bottle filled with gas muddy gray and black, while the Yan Emperor's right hand and shoved it rapidly became a non-dark inflammation, inflammation quickly put the bottle without dark seal to live, and to Jade wrapped up the whole bottle. "Can, the emperor has been in alabaster, the prohibition applied to seal the soul, and then calcined inflammation without darkness, the soul, in the absence of inflammation dark refinery will gradually lose everything under the Euro RSCG, leaving only the pure soul and the power of law. "Gasped at the hands of the bottle, Yan Huang, after the completion of all beforehand, it becomes quite tired. "This solves? "Yan Huang hands watching that little bottle, Nie Feng suddenly asked surprised, after all, such a simple soul put a strong refining detention even out, this is really incomprehensible. "Do MBT Schuhe you think it is easy?Whether to this spirit of India, or the soul to this prohibition must consume considerable power, but also to consume enormous concentration, if the little girl to do so, then it is absolutely impossible to succeed. "Faint after a sweep of MBT Sandalen the Lin Yao, Yan Huang said the voice on the use lightly.Hear the words of Emperor Yan, Nie Feng although tempted to say, you and a small Yan Huang are the same person, but think about it, or give Nie Feng spit it worse, while holding a bottle of this little soul, Yan Huang also appears to be quite satisfaction, looked around, the Yan Emperor and he said: "I took the bottle back, and wanted to come here should be no threat." "Ah, so be it ...... "got good stuff here after no threat, this threat really is easy to lift ...... but at this time, Yan Huang's look is slightly changed, see Ya
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